Senior Wealth Advisor

Report to: CEO

At Allium Financial Advisors, we expect our senior advisors to be able to combine analytical ability, comprehensive fiscal knowledge and customer service skills to help clients define and reach their financial goals. Employment as a senior wealth advisor requires at a minimum, a Bachelor’s degree, preferably in the areas of finance, business or economics; seven years’ experience as a financial planner; as well as any required state and federal licenses and be a Certified Financial Planner®. Familiarity or experience with eMoney or similar financial planning software is very helpful. An insurance license is also desirable. Because wealth advisors hold an important part of a client's life in their hands, they are held to the strictest standards when it comes to their duties and responsibilities.

 It is essential at Allium Financial Advisors that our advisors and staff seek to uphold our firm’s values:

  • Accessible: We operate our firm in a way that upholds what we believe to be most important – excellence in service – and that includes being highly accessible to clients during office hours. Seeking maximum efficiency in our processes and procedures supports our mission of accessibility, allowing the advisor to remain focused on client work.
  • Diligent: Attention to detail and providing thoughtful, thorough work is expected. Strict adherence to our Privacy Policy is required.
  • Expert: Advisors must keep up with market trends and financial news to ensure their guidance is accurate and relevant. Ongoing education, including timely maintenance of CE credits to maintain your credentials is required. All Senior Advisors participate in the firm’s Investment Committee.
  • Relational: We appreciate the value of relationships – amongst ourselves, our clients, strategic partners and centers of influence. We expect all employees to foster a safe, trusting, and collaborative environment. We all participate in nurturing our strategic partnership and centers of influence relationships. It is particularly important for our advisors to raise awareness in our community, industry and region of Allium Financial Advisors and our value proposition.
  • Empowering: Senior Advisors play an important role in training and educating support staff. We strive to make our clients better investors through education opportunities.


Client Service

All clients are serviced by a team, but typically have a primary point of contact with the Firm – a lead advisor. The lead advisor is responsible for ensuring all client intake and setup processes are completed, and that Firm client servicing standards are met.


Create Client Specific Wealth Plans

One of the foremost duties a wealth advisor performs is understanding a clients' financial goals (educating clients on various ways to accomplish them). A thorough analysis of a client’s current wealth plan is conducted, including but not limited to a review of their estate plan, assets and liabilities, taxes and tax strategies, current spending needs, asset liquidity, family structure, risk management, retirement goals, gifting goals, and other financial goals. This analysis is to be done in eMoney or other financial planning software selected by the firm.

The Wealth Plan is presented to the client, modified based on the client’s input, then recommendations made to accomplish their goals.

Wealth Plan Implementation

Strategic partners are an important aspect to helping our clients properly establish and implement their wealth plan, particularly in the areas of legal, accounting and risk management. Allium Financial Advisors requires that any strategic partners recommended to a client be from the Firm’s fully vetted, recommended list.

It is expected that the wealth advisor will assist, to the extend the client allows and is in compliance with firm and regulatory standards, in helping the client implement the various action items resulting from the wealth planning process. The advisor will check in regularly, at least quarterly, with the client to monitor progress on successful implementation and any changes that need to be made with the client’s wealth plan. Once fully put into place, the wealth plan should be reviewed whenever the client has meaningful changes in their lives that might affect their financial goals.


Investment Recommendation

The wealth advisor will work closely with the assigned investment advisor who will analyze the client’s current investment portfolio and develop the Firm’s recommended investment strategy and transition plan. The analysis, recommendations and transition plan must be reviewed by the Chief Investment Officer prior to presenting to the client.

Regulatory and Legal Knowledge

Investment advisors are required to possess thorough knowledge of federal and state laws regarding investments, financial advice and fees for financial services. They must also know and adhere to the regulations and requirements of the SEC, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and any certifying bodies, such as the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards.

Ethics Compliance

Federal law requires that advisors abide by stringent ethics rules to ensure impartial, good faith advice. This is sometimes referred to as "fiduciary duty," and requires that advisors place the financial well-being of the client above their bottom line by disclosing all relevant information about an investment, avoiding conflicts of interest, and acknowledging any payment or other compensation they receive for recommending certain products or investments.


This position also includes active participation in the following:

  • Using the CRM for client documentation, Firm related contact information, prospecting contacts and pipeline management
  • Investment Committee
  • Publishing client/prospect education
  • Participating regularly in networking opportunities, relationship building with strategic partners and centers of influence

Our Culture

People first: Working here is less about filling a role and more about growing in your career. We value who you are and where you want to shine. At Allium, our culture drives us to care deeply about supporting clients; each of us brings our unique perspective, experience, and compassion to our work. If that resonates with you, then we’d love to meet.


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