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Community Impact

Investing in our community by putting our values into action.

Putting People First

Making a difference in the lives of others is why we do what we do. And while the majority of our work is helping our clients find financial peace, we also see the greater community impact each of us is able to make. At Allium, this is manifested in three ways:

1. Financial Literacy

We partner with community organizations that offer financial education. Our team members provide awareness, context, and tangible examples to help educate the next generation about how to establish a solid financial foundation.

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2. Activating Charitable Giving

Giving can be a proactive strategy. We partner with our clients to identify their goals for giving and help drive their gifting potential every year. We’re proud to have some of the most charitable clients in the Pacific Northwest.

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3. Making Connections

The more we learn about you, the easier we can connect you to like-minded philanthropic organizations and other donors that fit your vision for giving. When it comes to community impact, connections are what lead to lasting change.