photo of one of the founders of Allium Financial

Investment Philosophy

Portfolios thoughtfully built, effectively managed

Investment Management

We believe in proactive, diversified investing with a long-term perspective that aims to preserve and grow your capital. Along with stock and bond funds, we offer carefully selected alternative investments designed to enhance return and lower portfolio volatility.

Guiding Investment Principles

What drives our investment advice? We have six guiding principles that serve as the foundation of our portfolio management process. We aim to:

  1. Reflect your values
  2. Invest specific to your needs
  3. Minimize cost
  4. Manage tax consequences
  5. Rebalance with market opportunity
  6. Execute with timeliness on identified opportunities

Investment Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on a core mindset that we are stewards of our client’s wealth and it’s our responsibility to help you achieve your goals. Capital Preservation is first and foremost. Asset allocation is the prominent driver of portfolio risk and return.

Our adherence to your long-term investment strategy is a key factor in your long-term performance and involves market-driven rebalancing and opportunistic investing. Our beginnings serving institutional investors taught us the value of independent analytical research and thorough, ongoing due diligence. We carefully manage risk through diversification, active management and rebalancing. We believe in a global approach and the use of alternative investments where appropriate.

Because we manage portfolios specific to each client, we can customize to a client’s individual values and tax situation. While no two client portfolios are exactly alike, they are distinctly Allium built with quality and opportunity.