Endowments & Foundations

Prioritizing the ethos of your organization.

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At Allium, we appreciate the importance of investing with purpose. Our Endowment and Foundation advisory services create a tailored investment approach based on your organization’s values. We closely partner with you as a fiduciary through education, guidance, and governance support while placing priority on long-term return potential. Our team of investment professionals provide a full-service approach to ensure your investments align with your ethics.

Putting You First

We take to heart our responsibility as a fiduciary by learning about the soul of your organization. We are not seeking to place you in a “model” portfolio. We will build a portfolio specific to your organization.

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Capturing Your Values

We want to make sure we consistently represent your organization's vision, even in its investments. Whenever we can invest in areas that align with your organization and offer a competitive return, we get excited.

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Working With Your People

At Allium, we develop and review your investment policy statement to ensure we set reasonable expectations. Next is creating an investment strategy, building a custom portfolio, then forming a long-lasting relationship with your committee.

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Investing Opportunistically

Alternative Investments can often provide enhanced risk and return opportunities that differ from the public markets. At Allium, we maintain a robust array of institutional quality alternative investment opportunities, for Accredited and Qualified Investors.

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