For Individuals and Families

What do you need to know about me to make appropriate investment recommendations?

After obtaining your consent, we gather statements from all financial institutions who serve you, past tax returns, insurance coverage and estate documents. Digging deep into your financial picture allows us to make a meaningful difference.

How can I reduce the impact of taxes on my investment returns?

We believe the best tax planning decisions come when your investment advisor works directly with your tax strategist. At Allium, we gather professionals with differing expertise around the table on your behalf to help drive great decisions.

Do you offer Alternative Investments?

Yes, we believe it’s important to diversify into investments that behave differently from each other in various market conditions. Alternative investments can provide diversification and potentially enhance risk and return potential.

When is the right time to get our children involved?

Your success may mean your children are likely to receive an inheritance. We can help you get the conversation started.

Do you offer sustainable investing?

Yes. Investing is personal; it can be a way to make a difference in the world. It can be a way to reflect the values of an organization, or a family.

How can Allium help our family or organization connect with others for community impact?

We know our clients’ charitable passions and can help them attract others to their mission.

When and how do we optimize our philanthropy?

At Allium, we use our planning expertise to help clients make the most of their assets that have grown beyond what they need to care for themselves, their families and their charitable endeavors.

For Business Owners

Can Allium help me with business succession?

We use powerful planning software to examine “what if” scenarios to examine potential outcomes 5, 10, 20 years from now. We can help you evaluate different succession strategies that meet the needs of you, your family, business partners and company at large.

Do you offer Cash Management Services?

As a business owner, cash on hand can be one of your greatest risk management tools. However, it doesn’t mean it can’t be working for you. We can help you develop and implement a thoughtful cash management program, specific to your company needs.

Key Man insurance, disability insurance, how important are they?

Risk management is unique to each organization. We can explain the pros and cons, benefits and costs, without a sales pitch – and in light of your corporate strategic plan.

For Retirement Plan Sponsors

How do I know when it’s time to add benefits to key executives?

Retirement plans and other key benefits are powerful tools employers can use to attract and retain the talent they need. These benefits help employees reach a financially independent retirement. Our job at Allium is to help you determine how and when to engage that power for the different populations of employees serving your company.

Learn more about Allium's services for retirement plans.

For Foundations and Endowments

Our role as Fiduciary and managing to your Investment Policy Statement – it’s important!

An Investment Policy Statement typically establishes boundaries of exposure to each asset class, establishing a targeted range of risk and reward for your investment portfolio. Rebalancing to targets can be of the most effective ways of mitigating risk and capturing returns.

How do we establish a spending policy?

Your spending policy will likely be a matrix of what regulators require, what your investments are expected to provide and the values of your organization. Allium uses powerful planning tools to run scenarios to help you understand the potential impact of your spending policy. A poorly thought-out spending policy can bring unnecessary surprises, possibly impacting reputation with donors and beneficiaries.

What is the role of Alternative Investments for non-Accredited, Accredited and Qualified 501(c)3 investors?

Alternative investments are meant to provide diversification and potentially enhanced risk and return potential. Non-Accredited Investors can access liquid alternatives such as mutual funds or ETFs that invest in things like Real Estate Investment Trusts or commodities. Accredited Investors and Qualified Purchasers can access alternative investment strategies in areas like private real estate funds, private equity funds, private debt funds, hedge funds and special opportunity funds.

How frequently should our Board or investment committee review our investments?

At Allium, we are a fiduciary and most commonly manage client portfolios with discretion. Your investment custodian, like Charles Schwab, will provide monthly or quarterly statements, while Allium will provide your Board or investment committee a performance report quarterly. We encourage our clients to meet on a regular basis.