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May 20, 2021

Impax Asset Management: investing to benefit from the transition to a more sustainable economy

People are thinking about the impact of their portfolio investments on the environment and society. The world is facing serious challenges and there’s a fundamental shift in society expecting businesses to not only do good but to be purpose driven. Impax Asset Management, adviser to Pax World Funds, came early to this endeavor in 1971 with the first sustainable mutual fund in the U.S. They are expert in evaluating the sustainable practices of a company and gauging the impact of those practices on its profitability.

At Allium, investors have enjoyed both the performance and positive impact of the Pax Global Opportunities Fund. Molly Ono, a Director at Impax Asset Management, reviews the Fund providing performance criteria spanning both environmental and economic benefits. She answers investor questions and helps us think about risk and reward in new ways.