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April 27, 2021

Bay Hills Capital Partners: Small and Middle Market Private Equity Strategies

The San Francisco Bay Area enjoys some of the most breathtaking topography in the world. Add to that one of the largest and most robust economies and it attracts some of the best and brightest minds in the world.

Bay Hills Capital is an independent employee owned firm established in 2006 in San Francisco. Their mission is to consistently generate superior returns for investors through partnerships with top-performing North American small and lower middle market buyout funds. We like small buyouts as a sector because it has outperformed large buyouts, which have returned 2X the S&P 500 Index. Bay Hill feels that the small buyout segment maintains a number of fundamental advantages that have the potential to lead to superior investment returns: a larger and more inefficient deal market, lower company purchase price multiples, and a greater ability for investors to effect operational, strategic, and financial improvements to create value.

Allium hosted a webinar with Lance Mansbridge, Founder & Managing Partner and Bret Belohlav, Partner, Bay Hills Capital Partners, on April 14, 2021. Click Watch Video below to view an interactive conversation about their world. Learn why the most seasoned and intelligent people on the buy side, institutional investors such as pension plans, foundations, endowments & family offices would partner with Bay Hills for exposure to this segment. For your convenience, we have published a chronology enabling to you to jump right to the part of the presentation that interests you most.

Please contact (877) 487-6860 for access to the presentation.

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